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Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

We offer free UK Mainland (excluding Scottish highlands) delivery, positioning and setup on our entire Orca Leisure hot tub range.  For our other ranges such as DreamMaker and Catalina, a delivery and install charge will apply.  Please contact us for a competitive quote.  Installation does not cover electrical work, which will be your responsibility to have in place before we arrive.  We will connect the hot tub to your existing 13 or 32 amp feed, which must be in place ready for us on the day of installation.  Please see our FAQ sections below for the electrical requirements.

We get asked this a lot! Hot tubs come in 2 main varieties - 13A and 32A.  Which you choose will depend on your own requirements.

13 Amp Hot Tubs
13 amp models have less powerful pumps (usually up to 4hp) and heaters (usually 2kw), meaning they cost less to buy - at least £1000 less than a 32 amp model.  They are also much easier and cheaper to install as they can be connected via a spur from any existing 13amp waterproof outside elecrical socket.  This is especially useful in rented properties where the modification of the home fuse box is not permitted.  If you are buying your first hot tub, you may want to choose a 13 amp tub as a low-cost starter.

32 Amp Hot Tubs
32 amp models have more powerful pumps (usually over 6hp) and heaters (usually 3kw), which can work together, meaning that there will be less heat loss when in use.  The larger heater will also help to maintain the temperature better during the colder months.  32 amp spas are generally more efficient too, so they may end up costing less to run than a 13 amp model.  A 32 amp installation requires a dedicated 32 amp RCD to be installed in your home fuse box, and armoured cable routed to where the spa will be installed.  This extra electrical work costs a bit more, adding to the overall initial cost.

When you order a hot tub, it is your responsibility to provide a suitable base and electrical connection cabling.  Our FAQ sections below detail exactly what is needed for 13 or 32 amp installations.

If a crane is required, it will be your responsibility to arrange and pay for the crane on the day.  We will, of course, let you know whether a crane will be needed and liaise with the crane company on your behalf to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.

When you purchase one of our 13 Amp models, you will be responsible for providing the electrical connection that we will connect the hot tub to.   There are 2 methods of cabling for 13 amp installations - Standard (Plug & Play) or Hardwired.  Which method is entirely up to you but we always recommend the Hardwired method with the added fused spur for extra safety.

When we arrive, we will unload and position your new tub, connect it to your power feed, and get it up and running for you before we leave.  We'll make sure you have a good understanding of the features of the new tub and are happy with its operation and functions.

This diagram can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here


When you purchase one of our 32 Amp models, you will be responsible for providing the electrical connection that we will connect the hot tub to.   This work will need to be completed by a qualified electrician. A 32 amp RCD needs to be installed in your home fuse box, with armoured cable run to a 32 amp rotary weatherproof isolation switch, positioned at least 2m away from the hot tub to comply with Health & Safety regulations.  Cable then needs to be run to the location of the hot tub, leaving at least enough tail to reach the furthest corner of the tub.  This will enable you to choose the orientation of the hot tub.  The size of the cable will be determined by it's length - your electrician will be able to advise you on this.   Outdoor cabling either needs to be SWA or protected by conduit.

When we arrive, we will unload and position your new tub, connect it to your power feed, and get it up and running for you before we leave.  We'll make sure you have a good understanding of the features of the new tub and are happy with its operation and functions.

This diagram can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here


Ideally, we would recommend a solid 4" concrete slab for your new spa to sit on.  Alternatives like the new Eco bases (shown below) can also be used, as long as they are properly laid on a solid surface and filled with the appropriate aggregate such as pea gravel.   You can also sit a spa on top of a patio, as long as the slabs are laid correctly onto a good solid base of hardcore and cement.

There are two options when it comes to hot tubs; one that sits atop your decking and one that is set into your decking. The in-ground tub is a popular choice for those that have a view they don’t want to obstruct, or they simply don’t want the hassle of having to climb into an above-ground tub.

The above-ground hot tub is an easier addition to an already existing deck, which makes it a better choice for some. However, you’ll need to take your deck’s weight capacity into account.

If you already have a deck, it may not be strong enough to support the weight of a hot tub. Most decks are built with the intention of being able to support a number of people, some patio furniture and perhaps a BBQ or outdoor kitchen area - not a hot tub that can weigh several thousand pounds.

If you are building a brand new deck for the spa, we recommend as a bare minimum that the decking is supported by 4x2" timber, with noggins fixed every 400mm, and concreted into place.  You CANNOT place a spa onto floated decking under any circumstances.

For some properties such as terraced houses, conventional delivery and installation is just not possible.  In these cases a crane or Hiab can be used to lift the hot tub into position, completely over your house if need be. In cases such as these it will be your responsibility to contract and pay a crane company who will assist us on the day of instalation.  We can recommend companies we have worked with previously, and we are extremely experienced in crane and hiab installs.   Most crane companies are well versed in hot tub installations and will be able to give you a competitive quote.

As a general rule, for standard non-crane installs we will need 1m wide access to get your tub into your garden, with an unrestricted 1m wide run to the location where the tub will be installed.  If the tub needs to go around any corners, we will need a 2.5m turning circle.  We cannot lift hot tubs over walls and fences, and we cannot carry the tub up large flights of steps, although a few small steps here and there aren't a problem.  If you're unsure of your access, please just send us some photos and we'll be able to tell you if you'll need a crane or not.

No matter the property, there is always a method of installing your hot tub, so don't be put off by your lack of access.

We would never try to tell you exactly how much your hot tub is likely to cost to run. This is because there are lots of different factors that affect running costs (regularity of use, ambient temperatures, electrical tariff, location of the hot tub). You may see claims from some companies of “90p per day” but this is likely being calculated purely on just the cost of keeping the water hot, without considering initial start-ups and running any of the jet pumps. This can be a little misleading because if you want to use the hot tub your running costs will obviously exceed this and is impossible to determine the exact cost without knowing how often the hot tub will be used.

Therefore, we’d rather have a more honest conversation with you pre-sale that doesn’t leave you confused about your running costs later on down the line.

Our hot tubs also come with a luxury lockable cover to provide maximum insulation.

The first is very important; shower before you get in. Your body will have substances on it that will contaminate hot tub water. These include sweat, soap, perfume, shampoo, deodorant, and your swim wear can contain traces of detergent and fabric softener.  If you make sure to wash them off before you get in, the hot tub remains cleaner for much longer.

The more contaminated the water becomes because of what you introduce to the water, the harder the hot tub must work to be sure it is clean. More chlorine must be added to be sure the water is clean and safe and the hot tub’s pumps and filters will have to work hard to remove these contaminates in the water. Because of this, avoid using fake tan as it dissolves into the tub water and easily can stain the shell and filters. Your swimwear only should be rinse washed without detergent. If your hot tub foaming, you will need to use anti-foam products which reduce foam that can occur when incorrect cleaning products or excessive algaecide, hair products or make up, false tan creams or skin conditioners get into the water in your tub. Simply pour a cap full of anti foam around the edges of your tub and watch the foam disappear.

If you use your hot tub every day, consider using a water clarifier to help clean the hot tub of all the soaps, gels, lotions that you and/or your friends, family cannot prevent getting into the spa. A specifically formulated surface cleaner removes any build-up of dirt that may occur around the waterline. Use it on a weekly basis.

Use test strips to measure the chemical level of your water. Dip the testing strip in your water and compare the colour of the pads on the strip to the coloured squares on the testing strip container. If the coloured pad is the same as the square patch on the container you do not need to add any chemicals. If they are different, you need to adjust your hot tubs’ chemical level, add small amounts of chemicals to the water, re-testing each time until the coloured pads match the squares on the container. Wait about 5 minutes between retests and make sure your hot tub water is running when you add chemicals, because it needs to mix in the water well.

Download our maintenance schedule PDF here:

To ensure you get the most out of your filter we recommend that you remove, clean and allow the filter to dry naturally every week. This process will prolong the life of the filter and ensure with each use it is performing to its optimum capacity. We strongly suggest having a spare filter with your tub so you have a “wash and a wear”, this makes the routine of swapping and cleaning so much simpler.

Filters should be replaced with new ones on an annual basis to ensure peak performance.

We supply new filters for all Orca models here:

If you think you have found the same product at a better price from another retailer, we will do our best to price match it! It’s easy - all you need to do is call our team with the product and the price and we will make sure you are getting an unbeatable deal!

What will I need to provide?

Simply let us know the product to match, and the website page where you have seen the item.  (Please note - we can’t price-match against comparison or auction sites.)

Terms and conditions for price match

  • The product being matched has to be exactly the same product.
  • The product being matched has to be available to order online.
  • The product being price-matched has to be in stock - not to order or waiting list.
  • The product being price-matched has to be available with free national delivery and installation.
  • The product being price-matched has to be available to deliver to your postcode from the retailer.
  • The price being matched has to include all delivery costs and surcharges.
  • Price match is unavailable for orders being paid via PayPal and Finance.
  • The product being price-matched has to be exclusive of any special offer prices e.g. Sale.
  • The product being price-matched has to be brand new.
  • The price being matched has to be a genuine price and not an error.
  • We cannot match prices from market places.
  • You will need to provide a link to the product and include a screenshot of the price.
  • We can't match a price if our company would make a loss in doing so.
  • You will not be able to match a price and use any other promotional offer in conjunction with each other.

Here are links to download the user manuals for both the Gecko® in.k300, in.k330 amd Balboa electronic spa control systems used on most popular hot tubs.

Download Gecko in.k300 Tech Book
Download Gecko in.k300 Quick Reference Guide

Download Gecko in.k330 Tech Book
Download Gecko in.k330 Quick Reference Guide

Download Balboa TP400 / TP600 User Manual

Download Balboa WiFi Setup Guide