How a hot tub can transform your aches & pains

Everyone feels pain from time to time, but living with chronic aches & pains can have a real negative effect on your life. And it’s not just the issue of the actual sensation of aches & pains, but the limitations it puts on your life and daily activities.

So many people are discovering that using a hot tub or swim spa is transforming their aches & pains, allowing them to find temporary and lasting relief, manage their pain and reclaim their life!

What does a hot tub do for aches & pains?

Hydrotherapy provides effective relief from common aches, pains, and ailments such as; osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia – providing you with some comfort and ease.

Research has shown that hot tubs and spas can help you cope with the pain and stiffness caused and organisations like the Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water therapy.

Because regular use of a hot tub or swim spa results in decreased pain, relaxed muscles and eased joints, regular use will make daily activities & exercise much easier. Studies show that the benefits come from the combination of water, heat & buoyancy. The hot water and massage jets (including the foot massager included in many of our Orca Leisure range) releases tension from your muscles and the buoyancy takes the pressure off your legs, feet, and back.

By just using your hot tub or swim spa for a small amount of time each day, you will also release so much of the anxiety and tension you are carrying with you. The less anxiety, stress & tension you are holding in your mind, the less anxiety, stress & tension you will feel in your body too.

How do you use a hot tub for pain relief?

You can utilise hydrotherapy alongside your current medical treatment, (and get advice if you’re not sure), but it is also an independent therapy that you can utilise whenever you like.

Here are some tips for using hot tub hydrotherapy for pain relief and pain management:

Hot & Cold Therapy

For sore muscles in particular, use a combination of hot & cold therapy. Apply a cold compress to the sore area and leave on for 20 minutes. Not only will this help relieve the pain, but the cold helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Once you have applied the cold compress over your muscles, use heat to relax stiff muscles and help soothe the soreness. Again, use the 20-minute timeframe and soak in your warm hot tub to help circulate your blood.

Find the Best Settings

Try to experiment with your hot tub’s settings for effective massage of your pain areas. Your spa’s controls allow you to personalize your experience for greater relaxation or better massaging relief.

Choose a comfortable temperature for a 20-minute soak. Start out with a lower temperature and then increase it according to your comfort level and the therapeutic effects on your pain recovery.

Take advantage of warm water immersion and buoyancy to gently stretch and move about in your spa. Over the course of a 20-minute soak, you have some time to stretch and move around – taking care not to push yourself too far. The buoyancy of the water will take some of the stress off of your body as you move, so it will be easier to move.

Make sure you drink plenty of water. You may sweat from the heat of the hot tub so ensuring you drink plenty of water will keep your mind and body working and rejuvenate your joints and muscles.

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