If you own a holiday rental property or hotel, you will be aware that any hot tub or spa should be HSG-282 compliant and approved for commercial use. We have a fantastic hand-picked selection of hot tubs that are luxurious, durable and legally compliant.

BISHTA Standards 4, 5 and HSE Regulations state that all spas and hot tubs, for use within the holiday sector, must have a continuous chemical feeder built into the spa, to automatically dose sanitizer. Not only that, but water features such as fountains and waterfalls are often not approved by HSE regulations.

The most recent publication by the HSE is HSG282, a document that gives specific advice for spas and hot tubs used in a business setting and the importance of using the correct equipment to maintain safety standards.

For this reason, we offer our HSG282-Compliant range, designed specifically to cater to the commercial market. These are robust HSE compliant spas that are easy to maintain, durable, and most of all - safe for your guests to enjoy, time and time again. These spas fully meet the HSG282 water capacity requirements per bather and are fitted with sanitiser erosion feeder, master and auxiliary control panel, 2” ø drain valve and no air controls or water features.