Manta Hot Tubs is a UK owned hot tub supplier, focusing on supplying competitively priced, feature-rich, high quality spas.
Their manufacturers work together with established North American partner companies Balboa®, Gecko® and Aristech®, producing hot tubs with the very best features available.

All Manta hot tubs exceed CE, ISO and ROHS European regulations.

Manta hot tubs are manufactured to the highest standards from the ground up with an emphasis on ergonomics and comfort, ensuring you an experience of exquisite relaxation.


Reliability and excellent performance: in the case of hot tubs, these are fundamental principles at Manta. Hot tubs have become a huge symbol in the field of healthy living and we aim to keep it that way.

Manta products are designed so that part isolation is possible; this means that during maintenance there is no need to drain your hot tub, making repairs very quickly completed.

​In terms of quality and efficiency, Manta hot tubs have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards since the beginning.

​Their ergonomically designed hot tubs have only one mission, to provide you with the experience of exquisite relaxation. Enjoy precious, fun-filled and valuable time with your family and friends or spend an intimate night with your loved one.

Manta don’t believe you should pay extra for premium features.

Manta include everything direct from the factory, included in the price.  Every model features stainless steel multi-function jets, integrated bluetooth audio speaker system, full-array RGB LED lighting, controllable water features (fountains and waterfall), premium American marbled acrylic and American Balboa® or Gecko® stainless steel heater and electronic control system.