All Oasis Spas are built with high-quality components and designed to last. Oasis Spas also have the toughest spa shells on the market.
Oasis are one of the best selling tubs in the Australian market, and now we're proud to bring them to the UK.

There are multiple factors that combine to make Oasis Spas one of the most energy efficient Hot Tubs on the market:
Oasis Spas use multiple layers of high density foam which reduce heat loss significantly
Low current pumps consume less energy than a 75W light bulb
The inside of the Hot Tubs route warm air back into the system to reduce the energy required to heat the water
Covers which use high density froam to create a seal minimising heat loss
During circulation the water temperature is kept at a regular temperature, reducing the energy used in a standard heating/cooling cycle


Oasis Spas HE models feature the new Gecko in.stream 2.  The in.stream achieves the most vibrant surround sound available with 4 speakers and a dedicated subwoofer - ensuring you have the very best audio quality when enjoying your hot tub.


Energy Efficiency is rarely talked about, but it's the most important thing about a hot tub.  Oasis spas are specifically designed to be as energy efficient, economic, and eco-friendly as possible.


Oasis spas feel just as good as they look.  The seats and loungers are designed to be comfortable for all shapes and sizes, featuring powerful massage jets from your shoulders to your toes.



All Oasis spas feature exceptional insulation and heat retention, meaning that they will cost far less to operate than a conventional tub.

Each tub is built with a 6-layer insulated american acrylic shell, and further insulated with R18 wall-to-wall full foam.

Put simply - there is no better insulated tub currently on the market!